How to use the home countertop ice machine? How does it work?

How to use the home countertop ice machine? How does it work?


With the improvement of people's quality of life, more and more high-tech products have begun to enter every household. The home countertop ice maker is such a product. Imagine that in the hot summer, you can put a few crystal clear ice cubes in the drink, and the coolness must be refreshing. But before enjoying the coolness, we should first understand the use of the ice machine and the basic working principle, so that you can enjoy the cool summer as you like.

The basic use method of home ice machine

When we are going to use the ice maker to make ice cubes, we first need to read the corresponding instructions briefly. Secondly, find the various parts of the ice maker, the water loading area, the power supply area, the control panel area, etc., and understand the functions of each part. Then you can add water. The method of adding water varies depending on the specific ice maker. Generally, there are two cases of a water tank or connecting an external water source. After we simply observe or check the instructions and connect the water source correctly, we can start making ice cubes. First, find the control panel and familiarize yourself with the function of each button and indicator. Generally, the first indicator light shows the water filling situation. When the water is full, the indicator light will remind you. At this time, you can proceed to the next step. The second indicator light indicates full ice condition. When all your ice cubes have condensed and formed, you can pour out the ice cubes to make the next batch of ice cubes, or turn off the power to enjoy the coolness of the ice. When you really understand the production sequence, no matter what type of ice machine, you can operate it proficiently after a simple observation. 

Many of the current household ice machines are fully automatic. As long as they are properly installed to ensure a smooth connection of the water source, you only need to press the switch button to ignore it, wait for the prompt sound, and then the ice cubes of a specific shape will be made. Simple and easy, convenient and fast.

The working principle of the home ice maker

After knowing the operating method of the ice maker, let’s get familiar with its working principle. On the one hand, it can deepen our understanding of the operating steps. On the other hand, when the ice maker has some problems, we may be able to pass the principle. Analysis and infer which part of the problem occurred. The whole process is how to go from water to ice. The water first passes through the evaporator, part of the water reaches the freezing point and begins to solidify, and part of it circulates in the refrigeration system. Eventually, ice cubes of a certain shape are gradually formed.

The operation and principle of the home ice machine have been introduced so much. If you have any ambiguities under specific circumstances, you can solve them after reading the manual carefully or @aquartappliance in our social media, we're the professional manufacturer and we have the most professional engineer team. May you have a cool summer!