How to choose an ice maker?

How to choose an ice maker?

Nothing is better than cold beverages and drinks in the hot summer. In the traditional way, people should put drinks in the refrigerator previously, it needs time to wait. Especially in summer, this is really anxious.

So if you have an ice maker, it will be awesome!

Generally speaking, ice makers are divided into home ice makers and commercial ice makers. Here we introduce the home countertop ice maker, because it can fully meet the needs of your family.

But how to choose a cost-effective and good-quality ice maker? Let me tell you!

First, and most importantly, as a household appliance, the manufacturer’s scale and technical ability determine whether the product is reliable, whether the after-sales service is reliable. Small factories may also be able to produce ice makers, but their parts are all patchwork and uneven quality, especially the compressor, the cost difference is very big. Although some sellers’ products look similar to famous brands in appearance, and the pictures look very delicate, but in actual use, the service life is very short, the ice making effect is not good, and the noise is loud. Once a problem occurs, it is difficult to solve after-sales. , because they do not have this ability.

Secondly, according to your needs (the demand for ice cubes, ice making time, ice cube shape, machine self-cleaning), the mainstream ice cube shapes for household ice machines on the market are bullet, cube and pellet in order. . In addition to the difference in shape, the three kinds of ice cubes have different colors. For example, bullets and pellets are generally cloudy. The cubes are transparent. The reason is that the cooling rate in the ice making process is different. The faster the speed, the harder it is for the air in the water to escape, which will cause the ice cubes to look foggy, but there is no difference in the actual taste and use.

Here we introduce our VECYS 1209 ice maker, which uses a highly efficient and advanced compressor.

The single ice making capacity is 9 pieces, the single ice making time is about 8 minutes, and the daily ice output is 26 pounds, with self-cleaning function. Any performance index, we have achieved the industry-leading level, because we are a truly powerful manufacturer, we strongly recommend that you choose our products, search "VECYS ICE MAKER" on Amazon to find them. Thank you for reading. If you don't understand, you can review in the comment area, thank you.