Why Is The Shape Of The Ice Cubes Small When The Bullet Ice Maker First Started Making Ice?

Why Is The Shape Of The Ice Cubes Small When The Bullet Ice Maker First Started Making Ice?
Someone once asked me why the ice cubes in the first few cycles after turning on the ice making of his countertop ice maker were so small that they returned to normal later. Let me give you a popular science from a professional point of view.

There are two main reasons for this:
  • After the machine is started, the refrigerant needs a little time to reach equilibrium during the internal circulation process, and the compressor also needs a certain time to reach a stable operation state. This principle is exactly the same as the refrigerator, because the internal circulation system is almost the same as that of the refrigerator, and it takes a certain period of time to achieve the best cooling effect after the refrigerator is turned on.
  • In the beginning, the water added to the water tank of the ice maker is normal temperature water. The water reaches the ice maker box through the internal water pump. A part of it condenses into ice cubes on the surface of the evaporator, and most of it is still water, but the temperature will drop to 0℃, as the ice making process continues, the ice water continues to return to the water tank to reduce the overall temperature of the water so that the subsequent condensation will become faster, achieving the original design goal of the engineer.

In addition, different liquids will also affect the size of ice cubes and even the effect of ice making. We know that different liquids have different densities, tensions, and freezing points. Common countertop ice machines are designed for pure water. Therefore, the size of ice cubes made of pure water has technical specifications. For example, for the VECYS ice maker IC1209, we have required the size of the ice cube to be φ25mm x H 28mm from the time of research and development. This is when the premise is pure water. If it is replaced with other liquids, the shape of the ice cube may be deformed (Influenced by density, tension or coagulation), and even the situation cannot be condensed (Cause of freezing point).

After reading the above, you should understand it clearly, thanks for reading. If there is a need for ice makers and car refrigerators, it is strongly recommended to consider our brand VECYS. We are a professional manufacturer with a professional R&D, production, and after-sales team. If you don’t understand other aspects, you can consult me ​​in the comment section.