Why The Ice Is Getting Sticky And Sticking Together And Melting After The Ice Bin Is Full?

Why The  Ice Is Getting Sticky And Sticking Together And Melting After The Ice Bin Is Full?

Several days ago, a customer of VECYS ice maker contacted me and told me his worries, he want to return the ice maker because he think there has problem og the machine. I reply to him and explained the reason of the situation. Today I want to share this real case to people, because I think it will be helpful for people to know better of an ice maker.  

Customer E-mail:

"Hello. I just got my machine a few days ago. The ice is getting sticky and sticking together and melting after the ice bin is full. I’m not sure why or what to do about this but I need to figure it out or return the product already. I did let it sit on the counter for over 24 hours before turning on and operating as it said to do and followed the directions exactly as it said to do. Please get back with me on this and let me know what I need to do please. Thank you! "

My reply:


Maybe this is the first time you use an ice maker. The ice maker is not a freezer, the ice making efficience and melt is influenced by the ambient temperature. The reason why it happens the situation you informed us is that the ambient temperature is high, the ice cubes melt, so water is on its surface, but the new ice cubes is still producing, so once the water attaching the new cold ice cubes, the water freeze to ice again, the ice cubes stick togetehr, actually it's not because of the ice mahine quality. Once the ambient temperature falls down, you will see the ice cubes don't stcik together.

I hope you can understand and consider again. If you still don't like VECYS ice maker, I feel sorry for your shopping experience, you can contact amazon customer service to return the product to the amazon warehouse, they will help you to finish the process. But to me, I really you can keep it and enjoy it, it's the first batch of VECYS ice maker IC1209, the price of this batch customer got is really cheap, and my goal and our brand goal is to provide the best and affordbale ice makers to customers, we're confident with our products and after-sale service, I really hope people can enjoy it. Thank you

Peter Pan From AQUART VECYS"

After you read, I believe you have known the reason now. I really apprecited to anyone choose our product, it's our great honor and we cherish this trust, I expained to this customer and finally he decides to keep it.

Any other problem you meet you can aslo ask me, we're always customer-oriented!