Participants get free product samples to test and share their feedback on the blog, social media and other online spaces.



What’s AQUART testing program and how it works

This is a product testing program. If being selected, you will receive a product sample for free. In exchange, we require a review published on your social media platforms. The reviews can come in the form of a blog article, Instagram post, forum comments, Youtube video, or even Wechat moment.

Reviewers’ qualifications 

Anyone would have a chance to join the program, but individuals who meet the following criteria are preferred:

1. Applicants whose job requires prolonged sitting (e.g. web developer, designer, film maker)
2. Applicants who suffer from severe musculoskeletal diseases;
3. Industrial design experts;
4. Social media influencers;
5. Applicants with a creative/thorough testing plan;
6. Applicants who have joined other testing programs before;
7. Former users of our products.
If you fit any of these criteria, make sure you mention it in the application form.


We will send an email with the exclusive full-price voucher for the sample product. Use the code upon checkout to get the item free of charge.


We will allocate a VIP service assistant for each participant. If you have any questions during the testing period (product failures, complaints, ergonomics advice, or simply out of curiosity), send us an email and our engineers will provide you feedback within three working days.


You will be asked to provide the review 14 days after receiving the product. We will send you a link where you can upload your review content (text and photos or video link) and social media URL. Please post your review with the tag #aquarttesting on social media and it cannot be deleted within three months.
Once you submit the content, AQUART reserves the right to edit and post your review. We will not make any modifications to any of your sentences. Every repost will acknowledge the author.


What’s AQUART testing program and how it works

If you cannot submit your review with the given time, you will be banned from our future testing programs. Your purchase on our website will not be affected.
AQUART reserves the right for a final explanation.
If you have any questions about the AQUART testing program, feel free to contact us at


Retail Price: $129.99

Required: 10   |   Applied: 503