Tips for using home countertop ice makers

Tips for using home countertop ice makers
Countertop ice maker-Pay Attention To The Environment
Check the environment around the ice maker. Like other refrigerators, there should be no heat source around the ice maker, and a good ventilation environment is best. The surrounding temperature should not exceed 30 degrees, so as to avoid excessive heat leading to poor heat dissipation of the condenser and affecting the ice-making effect. The ice maker needs to be placed on a solid and level surface, otherwise, maybe there will be noise and no ice removal during ice making.

Countertop ice maker—Guarantee Power Supply And Water Quality
The power supply that the machine should use needs to have a fuse and a leakage protection switch, which is similar to a refrigerator, and it needs to be grounded. The water for ice making must meet the national drinking water standards, and a filter device is highly suggested to avoid clogging, which will affect the ice-making performance of the ice maker.

Countertop ice maker-Regular Cleaning
The ice maker needs to be cleaned regularly, including the water inlet valve filter, water pipe, water tank, and condenser, etc., to prevent clogging and affecting the ice-making effect, so the self-cleaning function is necessary to an ice maker. The ice machine must be cleaned when not in use, and kept free of moisture inside, and then placed in a ventilated and dry place with a dustproof cover.

Countertop ice maker-Read The Instruction Manual
When we are ready to use the ice maker to make ice cubes, we first need to simply read the corresponding instructions. Secondly, find the various parts of the ice machine, the water loading area, the power supply area, the control panel area, etc., and understand the functions of each part. Then you can add water. The method of adding water varies depending on the specific ice maker. After we simply observe or check the instructions and connect the water source correctly, we can start making ice cubes.

This is the end of the introduction to the use of household ice machines. In fact, in the summer, many consumer families will buy an ice machine by themselves. Therefore, I hope that after the introduction from @AQUARTAPPLIANCE, everyone can use the ice machine better.